Sunday, May 5, 2013

In the Valley of the Dolls we sleep.

                    Hello Lovelies, For today's outfit I decided to wear my favorite pink skirt which is from H&M. I feel for summer, its better to wear light colors such as white, light pink, coral, baby blue, neon and more. I decided to pair the skirt with my white lace crop top from forever 21. I thought the two colors went so well together. I was actually inspired by the look from Jil Sander. I thought the pink went real nice with a white top. Although the Jil Sander look has a darker skirt, I thought I'd make my own version of it :-) Also the sunglasses are my new favorite, they are from Karl Lagerfeld. I was pleased because I love him as a designer , they were my moms but she gave it to me fortunately.

                                                   Chanel Iman in Jil Sander
                                            Dree hemingway in Jil Sander
Lace Top: Forever 21
Pink Skirt: H&m
Platforms: Vintage
Sunglasses: Karl Lagerfeld        


  1. Your skirt is gorge
    S xx

  2. That skirt is gorgeous, so flattering!

  3. Love this outfit... Gorgeous !!
    Misha x

  4. Really Beautiful dresses on your blog. i am looking forlehenga choli.

    1. Thank you :]and you can check online for stores that sell them. I really wouldn't know because Ive never bought them